Stuffed Baby Zuchinni

Its that time of the year again ,where the farmers market are in its full form. This is where my journey begins,every saturday mornings faithfully I visit the farmers market and bring home a whole bunch of goodies. there is something about these freshly picked veggies that inspires the chef in me to come up with new ways to enjoy them without overcooking them. so when life gives u zuchinni's make stuffed zuchinni and its something that I for sure will be making it quite often..

Stuffed Baby Zuchinni


Baby Zuchinni 4-6

for the tempering
oil 2tbsp
jeera 1tsp
green chillies chopped 1tsp

Grind into a paste for stuffing
2cloves of garlic
1tsp tomato paste
2 shallots/small onions
1tbsp dhaniya powder
1stp tumeric
2tsp red chilli powder
1tsp garam masala powder
1/2tsp lemon juice
1tbsp roasted peanut powder
salt to taste
cilantro for garnish.

Slit the zuchinni lenght wise and stuff with above ground mixture
heat oil ,temper with jeera seeds and green chillies
now slowly place the stuffed zuchinni one by one and cover and cook slowly making sure that the stuffing doesn't come out during the cooking process.
now cook until the zuchinni;s are fully cooked but still holding its shape.garnish with cilantro.
serve hot


Cauliflower Masala Kootu

Cauliflower again! How many times do we get stuck with cauliflower and the same old recipe of cauliflower fry or cauliflower with potatoes or something like that? I used to struggle with it,until  I had this kootu in a thali at a resturant in India.. Since I knew the people at the resturant I had to ask them what are the ingredients in it and they were very glad to help... and indeed it is a very unique recipe and it tastes extremely good with rice& rotis.Now don't get alarmed with Masala in it and think it may be very spicy or heavy... infact anything with saunf in it has to be called Masala..as its part of our garam masala ingredient... but truely this small spice can work wonders in this simple dish! Being addicted to this I had to share it with all my blog friends ofcourse. herez cauliflower masala kootu....

Cauliflower Masala Kootu

1 cauliflower diced into bite size pieces
2 tomatoes  roughly chopped
1 onion  small diced
1/2tsp tumeric powder
4-5green chillies slited
2tbsp coconut grated
1 tsp sambhar powder
1/2 cup cooked and mashed toovar dal
salt to taste
1tsp sugar
Oil 2tsp

for tempering
Ghee 2tsps

Cumin seeds 1tsp
saunf 1/2tsp
cloves 2
cinnamon 1
curry leaves 3-4
corriander leaves for garnish

grind into a thick paste coconut,green chillies and sambhar powder and keep aside.
Heat oil and fry the onions until translucent
next add the tomatoes and cauliflower & tumeric powder and saute until the vegetable is slightly soft.
now add the cooked dal and add some water to adjust the consitency of the gravy and season with salt and sugar. allow it to cook for about 5mins. once the vegetables are fully cooked add the ground coconut mixture. mix everything well and simmer for about 5mins.
Now heat ghee and add the tempering ingredients and pour over the kootu.garnish with corriander.
serve hot with steamed rice or rotis.


Stuffed Katrikai Karakozhombu (Spicy Stuffed Baby Eggplant in Tamrind Gravy)

Katrikai or Eggplants are the kinda vegetable that has its own fan club. But I know many who don't enjoy its taste. I make a various number of things with eggplants ranging from Indian to Italian. Baingan/Katrikai/eggplant/aubergine.... whatever they are called is very versatile ..there are .numerous famous Indian recipes just to name a few :

 Bharwan Baingan,Baingan da Bhurta,Bhagara Baingan,Ennai Katrikai etc etc  ...But one of my all time favourites is this one. Its a tamil version curry&Its very simple to make and its spicy.... and can be eaten with steamed rice with some potato fry with a dallop of ghee on it..I make mine with a stuffing which later on thickens the gravy giving it a curry like consistency..

 Stuffed Katrikai Karakozhombu (Spicy Stuffed Baby Eggplant in Tamrind Gravy)

Small Baby eggplants 8-10 (will serve 3-4)
Tamrind pulp 2tbsp
curry leaves 10leaves
Mustard seeds for tempering1/2tsp

For the stuffing:
fry in 1/2tsp of oil the following.
2 tsp of channa dal and urad dal
5-6 dried red chillies ( more for more heat)
4tsp corriander seeds
3-4 small onions or shallots
cool and grind into a thick paste without much of a moisture in them.Add some salt for the stuffing.

Slit the eggplants and stuff them with the above prepared stuffing
Heat oil in a pan,add mustard seeds and curryleaves
once they have spluttered place the stuffed eggplants one by one carefully.
now fry them on both sides to get them a nice golden color and to seal the stuffing inside.
now add water along with the tamrind pulp and season the gravy with salt .(remember the stuffing masala has salt already)
allow it to boil and until the eggplants are cooked through and the oil starts floating on the top
adjust the consistency of the gravy by adding more water if required.

serve with steamed rice with a dallop of ghee.