Stuffed Baby Zuchinni

Its that time of the year again ,where the farmers market are in its full form. This is where my journey begins,every saturday mornings faithfully I visit the farmers market and bring home a whole bunch of goodies. there is something about these freshly picked veggies that inspires the chef in me to come up with new ways to enjoy them without overcooking them. so when life gives u zuchinni's make stuffed zuchinni and its something that I for sure will be making it quite often..

Stuffed Baby Zuchinni


Baby Zuchinni 4-6

for the tempering
oil 2tbsp
jeera 1tsp
green chillies chopped 1tsp

Grind into a paste for stuffing
2cloves of garlic
1tsp tomato paste
2 shallots/small onions
1tbsp dhaniya powder
1stp tumeric
2tsp red chilli powder
1tsp garam masala powder
1/2tsp lemon juice
1tbsp roasted peanut powder
salt to taste
cilantro for garnish.

Slit the zuchinni lenght wise and stuff with above ground mixture
heat oil ,temper with jeera seeds and green chillies
now slowly place the stuffed zuchinni one by one and cover and cook slowly making sure that the stuffing doesn't come out during the cooking process.
now cook until the zuchinni;s are fully cooked but still holding its shape.garnish with cilantro.
serve hot


  1. ur version of stuffed zucchini is very tempting n interesting.. :)

  2. looks delicious.I Never used zucchini in my cooking. Will definetely give it a try. Hey thanks for your email.